About Us

Eve Dixon

Eva is a professional blogger. She’s worked in drug and alcohol treatment clinics for more than a decade. She’s a professional interventionist and she’s also an NLP Practitioner. She now shares much of her vast and valuable knowledge for free through eHealth Initiative. Eva is highly approachable, and she enjoys assisting new bloggers to develop their ideas into actionable content.

Paula Hope

Paula is a gifted addiction counsellor and therapist. She first came to the United Kingdom in 2007 to study English and the University of Sheffield.  During this time, she experienced alcoholism and drug addiction. She went to rehab and the rest is history. She’s now been in recovery for more than 10 days, and she advocates 12-step and non-step approaches to addiction treatment and recovery.

What We Do

eHealth Initiative is the UK’s primary and leading source on legal, economic and health issues relating to drug and alcohol addiction. eHealth Initiative offers the public a free forum to learn about these important issues through our engaging blog. We offer a mix between breaking news, blogs, lifestyle resources, interviews and expert advice from a range of addiction authorities.

eHealth Initiative also offers unbiased reviews on drug and alcohol rehab clinics located in the United Kingdom. These reviews help you select a treatment clinics that are right for your needs.

eHealth Initiative debates political issues affecting the topic of drug and alcohol addiction. We do not shy away from controversy, and we attempt to represent opinion from all sides of the political spectrum. Many issues are debated on eHealth Initiative, and we are proud to discuss issues that other publication may attempt to avoid for political reasons.

We also aim to destigmatize addiction and mental health issues. For this purpose, we have partnered with several organisations who also aim to remove the stigma surrounding these important issues that affect the lives of millions of people around the world.

Write For Us

eHealth Initiative is the ‘go to’ resource for all-things addiction and recovery. If you would like to contribute to eHealth Initiative, get in touch today. We offer you a platform to share your advice, your experience and your story. In the past, we have provided a voice to hundreds of people in recovery, and we look forward to working with you too.

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