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eHealth Initiative is a popular blog and resource centre covering issues affecting people in recovery, and also people who are currently affected by drug or alcohol addiction in some way or another. eHealth Initiative was established in 2013 as a means of spreading information about addiction, and this includes information that’s largely unavailable elsewhere on the Internet or in print.

Much of the content we provide fall into one of two categories. The first category is informational, how-to and advice-based content. The second category is inspiration, and often takes the form of a story, case studies or stream-of-conscious description of the contributor’s experience with addiction and recovery.

The content we publish is mostly in written form, but we also provide videos and podcasts to ensure we are making use of the latest technologies to help us communicate our message to the public.

To keep our content machine alive and kicking, we accept guest contributions from the public. As a contributor, you must be willing to offer exclusive and original content. Once your content is published to eHealth Initiative, we ask you to refrain from publishing that content elsewhere on the Internet.

When you contribute to eHealth Initiative, we ask that you write in the first person. Try to include the word ‘you’ as much as possible. This helps to get the reader fully engaged with your content. We also ask that you write in a friendly and optimistic style. In fact, it’s best to write your content almost as if you were writing a letter to a close friend. This makes sure the content is personable, friendly and approachable.

eHealth Initiative aims to remove the stigma attached to addiction and addiction treatment as much as possible. It’s thus essential that any content you contribute to eHealth Initiative does not stigmatise addiction or addiction treatment in any way.

Some of the topics we like to cover include:

  • Scientific developments concerning addiction and addiction treatment
  • Physical and mental health issues affecting people suffering from an addiction
  • The legal and political environment that impacts drug addiction

When you contribute to eHealth Initiative, write sincerely and try to write from your heart rather than your head. This ensures eHealth Initiative reflects the passion that’s resonated with people who wish to promote addiction treatment and recovery. In your writing, try to let your personality shine through as much as possible.

Submitting your content

All content should be submitted to our editor. You can contact our editor by completing the contact form underneath.  Before you submit content, ensure you conduct a thorough fact checking exercise and be sure to cite all sources you used in writing your submission. If you insert images into your submission, ensure you have permission to post these images on a non-commercial website.

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Write For Us

eHealth Initiative is the ‘go to’ resource for all-things addiction and recovery. If you would like to contribute to eHealth Initiative, get in touch today. We offer you a platform to share your advice, your experience and your story. In the past, we have provided a voice to hundreds of people in recovery, and we look forward to working with you too.

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