New Study Reveals Third of UK Workers Suffer from Mental Illnesses

A sobering new study reveals a third of UK workers suffer from mental illnesses. These illnesses include depression, stress and anxiety. The survey focused on employees in both senior and junior roles in different sectors of the UK economy.

Prior studies say mental illnesses affect around one in six of us in any particular week.

The current report surveyed 2,000 people. Of this number, 34% admitted to suffering from a mental alignment that affects their sense of well-being.

The survey was published by PwC, a well-known UK-based management consultancy.

The survey is coupled with warnings issued by the NHS that enough isn’t being spent on tackling the growth in demand for mental health-related treatments. A lack of funding is particularly impacting staff shortages on the front line.

Some of the findings in the report reveal:

  • Around 50% of those employed in the public sector have taken paid-time off sick due to mental health problems
  • The Government is failing to treat mental health problems in the prison system
  • Around 40% of workers have seen productivity reductions due to their state of mental health. Around the same number claim to have taken time off work due to mental health problems
  • Around one in five say mental health problems are not taken seriously by their employer
  • 39% of people affected by mental illnesses say they feel stigmatised by their condition and so they will not reveal these problems to their employer

During the recent Queen’s Speech, the Government promises to reform the current system as it relates to mental health treatment. The Government said it will “ensure mental illness is prioritised in the NHS in England”.

The current research is comparable to an earlier report published by Mind. This report said 48% of public sector employees have taken time off sick due to mental health problems. This is much higher than amongst private sector employees. However, Madeleine McGivern of Mind said mental health problems are also rife in the private sector and that support needs to improve for all workers regardless whether they happen to work in the public or private sector.